ARP Category II – Reliability Engineer

Asset Reliability Practitioner Training & Certification

Reliability Engineer Core Education

The Asset Reliability Practitioner [ARP] Category II “RELIABILITY ENGINEER CORE EDUCATION” course is intended for industrial reliability engineers charged with helping the organization improve reliability and performance, and for anyone else in the organization who desires to have an in-depth knowledge of the reliability and performance improvement process.

Whether your organization manufactures products or a commodity; provides an essential service; relies on machinery/electrical equipment, or is involved with protecting their country, this course will provide a memorable explanation of how and why to improve reliability and performance.


CAT-II Course Overview

The reliability engineer has a critically important but challenging role. In most organizations there are almost infinite opportunities for improvement but understanding what to change and how to change it is difficult. Analysis is not enough. Action must be taken or nothing will change. But a part of the challenge is that the reliability engineer may not have the authority to make changes; just recommend them. That issue is also addressed in this course.

The course covers the A-Z of reliability improvement. While it is not possible for you to be an expert planner/scheduler, or condition monitoring analyst, or lubrication engineer, you will gain a very solid knowledge in all these areas. You will know how to justify and prioritize your activities and take all the necessary steps to engineer a successful reliability and performance improvement initiative; and avoid the obstacles that have derailed so many programs in the past.

Your challenge will be made easier with the renowned Mobius Institute animations and animated simulations. Complex topics are so much easier to understand. And to ensure your time is put to best use, you can watch any part of the course, or the entire course, online before you attend the live event. And you can take it again soon afterwards to refresh your memory and improve your understanding.

About the Asset Reliability Practitioner Training & Certification Program

Practitioners and leaders involved with the important role of improving the reliability and performance of an industrial facility should be recognized for their knowledge, experience, and contribution. The new Mobius Institute Asset Reliability Practitioner (ARP) certification scheme will recognize the knowledge and basic experience of people at three levels; the Advocate who contributes to the initiative, the Reliability Engineer, and the Leader of the program. In addition, the certification scheme will separately recognize reliability engineers and leaders who have proven competence.

CAT-II Course Description

Course Length:

  • Base course - live version: Four days
  • Hybrid version - substantial on-line education, followed by two days of lessons, refresher, and exam: Two days
  • Base course + interactive discussions, problem solving, and scenarios: Five days
  • Base course + interactive discussions, problem solving, and scenarios + implementation roadmap – start to finish, how to make it work: Six days


Format: Public (live) course, online education included in Two-day hybrid version

Optional: Certification examination, 3 hours, 70% passing grade

Certification Prerequisite: Prior experience is not required for attending the training course, but 2 years of general industrial experience is required for certification

What our reliability students have said:

“The topic speaks for itself. The complete session literally covers almost every aspect of Reliability right from the beginning till the end of successfully launching Reliability Program.


“exceptionally great job for the one and half days in creating a charged atmosphere amongst the participants.

Topics covered:

  • Strategy and implementation
  • People management
  • Defect elimination
  • Reliability engineering
  • Asset strategy development
  • Work and spares management
  • Precision skills (precision and proactive maintenance)
  • Condition monitoring
  • Continuous improvement
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